Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer hobbies

If there is one activity that never fails to fascinate anyone in the home it is painting the walls. My hubby felt like a kid and so did I .Surprisingly the kid in all his cuteness felt like a resposible gentleman . We have had a few bad experience with the touch up paints before .Either the colour wouldnot match or the brush failed to complement the beauty. But this time it felt wonderful to paint the walls with the foam brush and a paint of good brand that blended so well with the wall.First I was hesitant to let my little boy do the painting and stuff only to realise later how wrong I was about him.
That said the paint was getting dried up and so we had to finish the work fast. Before the toddler woke up to find his abstract art vanish from the walls we were done.

It is an amazing feel to have done something fruitful and most importantly without the help of the computer that makes me drain two third of my life into void.Thanks to networking that is inversely proportional to the net work done.

One important thing that awaits all moms during the summer vacation is the cleaning up of the piles of schoolwork that comes home from the previous here.Only adds to confusion if we need to keep it for some old belief of this might come to use for any project work that awaits in the future.who am I kidding this was the story of my school days where computers were dreams far fetched .So finally gathered the courage to get rid of one whole bag of trash from the school work .

It never fails to amaze me when I think about that one thing about cleaning up.I either sit there for days waiting for the sky to fall or the earth to shake before I even decide to clean up that old store in the kitchen or the closet . But once I set my mind on it , I find myself indulge in it so much that I am never done with it and its a ever running process eventually  I giveup at some point and back to square one.Its the circle of life , atleast mine.

But from now on I have decided that there are things in life that cannot wait .one such thing is the task of cleaning because life doesnot wait for anyone to perfect themselves.There has to be a routine ,a consistency in such vital needs .And I am not waiting for the toddler to pick up his own toys put it in the box.I won't mind clearing the carpet any number of times until the terrible two's child decides to give up on tumbling the toy boxes all over the floor .I won't mind doing the dishes for any number of times for the sake of the this unmatched satisfaction of having done something away from the computer. Funny I am putting this up in the summer hobbies post !

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