Sunday, July 8, 2012


Newyork is so built with bridges

when I saw snowfall for the first time
from my apartment window at 11 th floor
the statue of liberty
Unlike other places in the united states of America ,Newyork  is not about touring its about living there.enjoying the busy life . the fast paced lifestyle makes anyone busy. I was so withheld at home that I had no choice but to come outside and explore this beautiful busy life.I lived in one of the skyscrapers ,with a library across the road and a main street parallel to mine.I was on my own as I had to pick up the kid from  school for like walking 2 miles , funny I had a neighbour who comes by car to our building  I reach home earlier than her, thanks to the traffic and snow clad roads.

I witnessed the historical deposits from snow from my apartment window midnight .Snow is like rain , nobody gets scared or irritated , they just move on.Its one of the elements here.They say couldn't care less.unfortunately to me I had the worst of the nightmares coming together when I think of those snow days all alone in a new place couldnot process the fact that I will be walking in the streets of this new place,bracing myself was tough for me and I was weak but not anymore , I took cabs which I had access just as I left from apartment's building.A railway station next street.My apartment had all the facilities of the world in one place only thing I was scared to step outside . because of the sedantary lifestyle that follows a desperate dependant one you land here in the US.You are immobile if you cannot drive a car .You cannot goto office because you are on H4.All you do is take pictures of whatever comes your way which a 4 year old can do.Everything is at the mercy of the Visa status. You visit Niagara and Disneyland , who needs them I so wanna get back to work ! You visit the statue of liberty only to discover that you are not at liberty to go to work because of some stupid visa status. Like hell , I am waiting for my turn to goto an office.

Now why is this thought coming up for the Newyork post is the question. The answer is which it was much relaxing in the other parts of the US I visited, its depressingly busy in Newyork that staying at home only counts as a sin.


TheUncanny said...

Newyork-the big apple-nu solluvangale!!!! (god knows for what reason)

//.All you do is take pictures of whatever comes your way which a 4 year old can do//

I will trade my life for this..hehe..BTW, I spend over 12 hours at work with 3 hours of commute to my workplace.

R-ambam said...

Agreed if u have job , thats a juggle for sure but an independance right ?

photofanatic u just like me !
with a canon , I dont blame u, sis.

gils said...

oru statelenthu innoru country poi work panna ipdi thaan :D mudhalla cellphonela signal vara edama paathu velaiku serunga :D


sleepless in seattle mathiri jobless @ bigapple? :) neenga car pathi sonnathu 100ku thousand unmai...marana mokkai without a vandi here :(