Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Kissing Hand

By now,I almost lost count of "first day at school" for my kid .As bizarre as it appears to be , the strong laid foundation is for just the kindergarten.. thanks to the transfers !!
This time ,the first day at school was phenomenal. The teacher was reading the "The Kissing hand " book with the read along CD running in the back drop. This is a wonderful talks about Chester ,a raccoon who is scared about going to school.
His mom raccoon places a kiss in his palm.that becomes 'the kissing hand '.So he can place the kissing hand on his cheek when he feels lonely or to brace oneself for the exciting new experiences as life unfolds .When u get a cold feet or butterflies in the stomach next time, u remember to think of the loved ones. There comes a time in every one's life where one is independent yet cant leave behind everything that has backed one since birth.This book beautifully brings out those emotions locked up in us parents too .

That said about the book and all , the teacher gave away a cookie in the shape of a hand and placed Hershey's kisses chocolate one in each cookie for every pod .I was the one holding the ready to melt kisses drop on the cookie .So I unpacked it for the kiddo ..No sooner I did that than the little one sprang upon Daddy for sharing the special cookie prepared to mark the reassuring love of a MOM,Mummy, Mother , Mommy , Amma ![ Sigh] !!!

My kid placed his palm on his cheek, rather rested the crown on the palm in bewilderment even before the story-teller mentioned about anybody's palm.The first day was equally boring as the rest of the year it seems.

So started my journey of educating my child how I missed to be attentive just like my sweetie in my school years .Well , what can I say ? A memorable fifth first day at school !!

I 'm absolutely busy with homework I intentionally /unintentionally warded off in my school years so what ? I get to enjoy the toys, crayons, cartoons and story books , alright ?


RamMmm said...

Beautiful opening paragraphs.

Yep yep. It is Amma who does all the 'boring' work and it is with Appa that a different degree of sharing happens. :-) :-) Been there, seen there. :-)

Appappo homework mudichchuttu, blog workum pannunga. :)

R-ambam said...

Thanks RamMmm.I 'm not totally absent .. still working on the next post :)
I dont see much updates from our folks as well ,do you ?