Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Spooky cottage at the smoky mounts !

we booked a cottage in the middle of nowhere rather air ! They have wonderful furnished cottage up the hill for people who are tired of paparazzi ;) You got just one phone for communication and thats not so dependable , heard the signal was too weak to use any gadget and the commute is pretty challenging too. The ride to the cottage is a noteworthy roller coaster than the other rides that claim to be a roller coaster in the tourist fair( including the helicopter sight seeing which I happened to experience outta no choice).Its utterly dark around , GPS doesnot pick up signal, eerie silence , only headlights show the road that unfolds every now and suddenly theres no road.. but the map demands you to proceed. So you do.. there you fly a flume ride and you are ever grateful to God that there was a road and you are home !! the sign read "Awesome view " ! SShhabbaa !!!!!

we sighed a few times before we actually made it to the cottage !!

Donno why I m reminded of Scooby doo now, we toured the cottage ... well a beautiful house with all the essentials and more. A note on the fridge read ants bugs and reptiles are part of our family ! (Yes we are more than happy to meet your /our family :O ) so ,please keep all sinks closed ( Wogay ! )There were boards of bear pictures at the entrance of the cottage. Its a bear encounter spot(Very Gud !).A little rattle at dinner was more than enough to scare us out of our senses .This was the "Kaatu bungalow " most Jaishankar/MGR movie desperately try to portray .
We were 8 people there and probably the bear ran for life after the racket we made . we didnot see any bear until the winch ride down the hill started. I thought I missed the bears but I had a better view from the cable car.Leaves didnot turn that beautiful for the first week of October .. a little dissapointed we were then and did not know what awaited us after the failure of a carefully planned awesome view!

We set off to Clingmans dome in the morning and the Great Smoky mountains National park .. not much there except for the traffic jam ..well its a hillstation and the beauty is undeniable but ,not worth the wait. Somehow ,we managed to reach the top for the awesome view of the mountains and to read about the magic lake .People lined up for something totally cool and meaningful .. Hush !!! I m not disclosing what it is .. Go check it out yourself otherwise you will miss the fun :p

I m exactly not sure about what the smoky mounts are actually famous for, given the fact that tourist visit this place all year. The weekend at the cottage did not make much sense to me until I saw the "amazingly awesome super terrific " sunrise along the road to I 46 . The first rays from Sun highlighting the beautiful golden yellow , red orange and pink leaves of the Foothills parkway trees on our way home. There was mist , the road was bending like pretzel, the leaves were the most beautiful colours anyone could ever imagine, the sun just had a steam bath fresh out of the hideout and the Bose blared " Kaviyam padava thendrale .. " Define Bliss .. Divine Bliss !!
This view never was part of the plan but was Awesome for sure :)


RamMmm said...

yaenga GPS irukkaradhaey kann theriyaadha kaattukku ponaa, thirumbi vara vazhi kandupidikka thaan. adhu work pannaadha edaththukku ponaennu sollareenga. :-O

Sometimes it is good to be cut-off for a day or two from the external world. (Never mind that gadget freaks will suffer from withdrawal symptoms with no umbilicus to the external world) :-) Hope it was a fresh break for you from the daily grind. (adhu irukkavaey irukkunnu sollareengala???)

Ha Ha Ha. Innum neenga Jai/EmmSee annanai marakkavaey illayae? :-)

Wah Wah Wah Wah! Your last para was super-o-super. Reminds me of the Gatineau Hills outside Ottawa, Canada where fall is a phenomenal swathe of color. Can you post a snap?

R-ambam said...

veetukulla road poata GPS kku solla theriyathu .. :(
athellaam office poaravangulukku thaan.. velaiyillathavanga thaan eppavume busy :)
colours were not that fabulous at the destined photospots.. this was along the road and I couldnt manage from the car .. in motion :)
I tried google and picasa .. but they were no match for the awesome sight .
Thanks for the attendance .

athellam oru kaalam maraka mudiyuma ...?
Once watched Mannathi mannan on RajTV with my mom... stumped by his stunts and dialogue perfection .. MGR is a fantastic actor (aamaa soltaanga bhaa :D).

RamMmm said...

:-) [velaiyillathavanga thaan eppavume busy] Romba rightu... :-)

It is usually fun watching the old-time films, layers of grease-paint, garish colored dresses (to standout in Eastman color), loud expressions and "no" subtlety (unlike Maniratnam who is in the opposite side of the spectrum with dialogues in mono-syllables or whispers). :-)