Sunday, February 21, 2010

Technically speaking!

No matter what amount of labour and research goes into a product, how extensively its put to use determines the overall customer satisfaction. There are umpteen untold use for a product which is not covered in its tech spec.

When you get a laptop you want to drill down to every detail on the spec to ensure ur pc comes with all the latest features.
Once you get it , Internet explorer is the only thing you could ever think of, before even the system is booted.Such was the case until I discovered that the webcam can be used as a dressing table mirror.

Before you begin playing Wii, there are certain strict instructions to the user, which doesnot include , 'Please dont take the couch for your convenience while playing snowbowling'.When my first-junior wanted some of my time, the
second-little-one had a good sleep without being prodded.

I can be a music composer someday, because my cellphone plays a musicnote for every random key I press.

wow ! An iPod can read e-books too, Ofcourse, after a lot of hardwork and eye-strain.

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gils said...

//அல்லவை தேய அறம்பெருகும் நல்லவை
நாடி இனிய சொலின்/


rambam!!! ennachu??!!! or romba naala naan inthapakkama varalayo!!??

RamMmm said...

Webcam as mirror!!! Neat use.

Coincidentally, was watching 'The Devil wears Prada' y'day and one of the girls in the movie rushes to her PC (a Mac, no prizes for guessing!), prances before it, gets the webcam on and dabs lipstick on hearing that the big boss is on the way to office, ahead of schedule. :-)

Besides, your post is true. You build something and someone will find a completely lateral use for it other than what it was meant for. Sometimes wacky, sometimes wow!. There was even a iPhone based concert, just using iPhones. Well, the power of technology to be used whatever way it can be used.

lakshmi said...

actually enna solla vareenga nu thaan puriyala.. multitasking definitiona!

R-ambam said...

ithellaam konjam nyabagam vechukittu comments poadunga makkale nu solrein.. naan kooda romba naala intha pakkam varla.

Coincidentally? thanks for putting it decent. (The devil wears Prada - a girl wears lipstick.) m curious now.
I dont use my webcam even for chatting.I so badly wanted a dressing table, thats all.

iPhones illa... Nokia la romba varushamaa composer irukke ..

naan saatharanama polamburathukku , neenga hi-fi build up kodukreengale antha mathiri ngreengalaa? :)

multitasking is simultaneous handling of more than one task.

nejama purilaiya? Please omit the term multitasking and read over again..

BTW ,Where is the Lakshmi? this is not so you !

Yaaravathu kalaaichaanganna ipdi react pannaa, confuse aayiduvaangannu nambrein .

RamMmm said...

cha cha. Enna ippdi sollitteenga? :-(

I am not responsible for the allusions from your end. (like the standard clause "Terms and Conditions apply") :-D

[blasphemic statement starts]
Women are women! Aedho sonna, ennaththayo purinjukkareenga. :-)
[blasphemic statement ends]

I related to what you told, in a movie I had just seen. :-) illainna naan yaen adhai quote pannaraen. Aside, that movie is good.

On Nokia, agreed. but no one gave a concert using the composer in Nokia. But using iPhones, someone gave public concerts. adhathaan sonnaen.

hi-fi build-up? naanu? ouch!

RamMmm said...

ippo thaan gavanichchaen. your tag is super.

G3 said...

Aah !!! Idhu unga bloga?? Naan idha readerla padichappo yaaroda blogo thappa subscribe pannitomonilla thappa nenachiputten :(((

Wiz-Cook said...

Well said about webcam it's often used as mirror for me, esp., when I use the video chat.
Seri phonea torch maathiri use pannangala athai maranthutiyae~
For Ipods, these days you can download audio books, ofcourse it's not like reading but still its good.
Nice post!

TheUncanny said...

//BTW ,Where is the Lakshmi? this is not so you !//

R-ambam, ippidi yethi vitu thaan sila peer, palla peer...thalla kaal puriyama aaduranga!!!..

R-ambam said...

Yaaru naanga ? Ok! :))

Payapadatheenga, next time U rated post poadrein :D

Wiz cook,
So thats u kirukalgal in disguise , uh? thats a good point, noted :)

The Uncanny,
See the power of Lakshmi 's comments, people actually forget the post and only follow Lakshmi's comments :D
I too fell for the trap , just another victim like you :)

I was following your comments in gils , RamMmm and the uncanny's so long and totally forgot the fact that you are here for the first time. Welcome here :))
Actually , Lakshmi Bharomma nu oru post poadarathaa irunthein , on you ! :D