Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Talbot Island

This weekend we visited the Little Talbot Island state park . Heard it has won 2 gold medals for the best national state park. May be the idea of a Nature trail leading to the beach won the medals. For us , we had a nice time in the beach. The guys were out there playing volleyball , while we ladies had a little chit-chat and with the kids along ,built a sand castle. The beach sand was not viscous. It was set well with the beach waters. Except for our gang , the beach was deserted. A flock of seagulls flew past us every 10 minutes ,dipping their beaks in the beach water as they flew. I could see a little canary Sanderling that went on a swift pace pecking at the sand. The kids were chasing a few canary sanderlings that appeared then and there running away from the waves.

After an hour or so, we set out on a nature trail ,
where the sand was viscous , when it was least expected like that. All through the nature trail we could not spot a single animal.Not even a strange insect except for the spider in the photograph and a few mosquitos. I was lucky to spot a few ants (he hee).

Theres one undeniable beauty in the beaches here.They are completely devoid of plastic bags , no matter how long the beach stretches , the trash cans and rest rooms belong to the end farther away from the beach line.
Well the fun this time was only from the big gang and the potluck . Nice place to have fun with your friends. Nothing much to explore nature here.


G3 said...

Hai.. Welcome to the travelogue club :)))

Potluck pathi ellam ezhudharappo detaileda ennenna menunu podanum inimae okva ;))

Srivats said...

me the first ?

Srivats said...

hmm bay watch panni erukkennu sollunga

Srivats said...

spider photola spider out of focus and back ground focus ayiruchu , next thaba click panradhukku munnadi lighta oru half click pannunga, appo edhu focused a erukkunnu theriyum , if the object u wish is focused click otherwise konjam camera angle and zoom maathi try pannunga.

gils said...

another travelloguer udhyamaagitaar :D

R-ambam said...

ethir paarthein ..! actualla nyabagam vechukave mudiyala... neraiya dishes irunthathu..

intha photo edutha professional oru friend, ithulayaavathu spider blurred aa irukkunu solla mudiyum , ennoda photola spider a kandupidikave 10 minutes aachu..

bay bay nu ukkanthu watch pannenu vaena sollalaam :p

intha edathukku poanappuram blog elutharathaiye vutrulaamanu yosikra levelukku orey the inspiration thaan poanga !

Karthik said...

Nalla loaction.. inge oru soft erotic cha romantic song padam aakalam.. :D

Is this in FLORIDA??

R-ambam said...

yes, karthik.