Thursday, June 21, 2012

Super woman to the rescue!

We set off for a long drive on a weekend, in a Chevy that we had rented for the weekend. Before it is late we realised that we have not checked the gas station and the needle was already reaching for empty. Luckily , we saw a gas station nearby and went there. Being not so used to Chevy, we had a hard time trying to locate the lock release for the gas tank.The gas station was deserted and it was already getting darker.
After quite a while,we saw a gang of chics parking their chevy in a nearby aisle.We had no choice but to ask them for help. Two of them came to help us checking again the every control that we had hoped will work, in the past 10 minutes .
In vain,they exclaimed, "Its unbelievable !"
It was a brand new vehicle, hardly wud have run 1500 miles. They said , " they release a new model every now, we r sorry , we gotta leave!"
Just then , an old lady parked a Toyota behind us. She was waiting for her turn and watching the four of us in despair , sensed that her turn was never gonna come. She got off the car and headed straight to the gas tank of our Chevy and in a snap , slid opened the gas tank , much to our awe.
She didnt speak a word , neither was she waiting for a 'Thank you' from us. Much relieved , we waved thanks to her and soon cleared from there. I m not sure , if the model was new , Hats off to the lady , anyway.


Kirukalgal said...

Paatis knows everything.Ithukku thaan antha kalathula "Paati sollai thattathey" apadinaanga.

KK said...

I had a similar experience with Infiniti G35 in a karupan area (but no chicks or grandma to help :( )... egapatta tension... enga evena vanthu suttupuduvaano appadinu... kadaisila paartha if we press the gas tank door it opens up... took us around 15 mins to figure that out...

You Know Phoo said...

Neenga US la irukeengala akka?? :O

````````karthik lollu~~~~~~~

R-ambam said...

Paati ethaavathu sonna thaane?

Same blood , seriya solteenga..antha bayam thaan engalukkum

You know Phoo
malarum ninaivugal

Kavidhai said...

hey Nice way of saying thanks to that Patti.. hope ur blog gets very popular and she reads it one day :P

Carpe Diem said...

You are tagged. Visit my blog ..

R-ambam said...

kavi ,
Romba thaan !

carpe diem,
ipdi aniyaayam panreengale , evlo easy aanaa tag ungalukku koduthein.