Monday, October 13, 2008

Click click click...

Who wudnt wanna treasure a memorable moment in an album? I dont hav a fantastic face, to be admired even by me.But I cherish it ,its my identity afterall.My friends could easily say m a photo-freak.Thats because, before my presence is even felt in a place, I start clicking around. One reason could be that I dont have too many albums from my childhood,except for the group photos and the other formal snaps.

For once, I wanted to capture myself in my workplace on my very last working day there ,it was not allowed though. Most of the buddies out there, do that.If the rules are strictly abided by,how can one see a snap of almost every friend posing in his/her office cubicle on Orkut? well this one snap was not for the architectural details of the office cubicle but for the wonderful memories I shared with a long lost friend from school (Sangee).We attended every tuition class together.She gave me lift everyday to every class.Sweet girl is her that if shes the epitome of sincerity , dedication and hardwork, I was just the opposite.After schooling , we cud hardly catch up.I ran into her , years later when she told me that she had an offer from this MNC. I started dreaming of a similar offer.To my wonder, I got an offer from the same MNC, after not more than 3 months.An year later , I saw her once.She had to fly overseas.
Since then,I dint get much to see her.It was entirely by accident that I happen to see her on my last working day in the office.She told me that she was getting married soon.It struck me that I wont be there for her wedding.I have never seen her so happy before.I wanted to capture the cheer on her face ,forever.Infact , I just wanted a picture of us both.But it was office and no tourist spot, so I took the snap, thinking atleast she will be in the picture.Guess what? I couldnt hear the click of the camera. After a hiatus , I took out the camera, not charging it enough.Eventually,it ran out of charge, much to despair.Need I say ,I couldnot handle her saying ,"Perfect !" ,with the 'same old you' look on her face.


Kavidhai said...

wow. this post is abt our sangee..
kadasile ippadi sodapitia ma... very bad..

R-ambam said...

:( yeah, blew it.