Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Originality is a thing of past !

Some of the gestures or the style of a few (or should I say most ?) Indian actors match with Hollywood actors. Some of them unbelievably resemble them . Until I heard about this movie 'Durai ' I thought Action king gestures just by chance , like Russell Crowe of Gladiator fame.

If the movie bears a shot by shot resemblance to Gladiator , will I still believe in Santa?


Kavidhai said...

edhukku ippa santava ilukranu purila..
pls explain for people like me..

R-ambam said...

adaavathu santa thatha thaan christmas annikku gift vekaraarunnu namba rathu mathiri ... action king copy adikalai nrathayum nambuvomaaga ...!